About Us

Joey Patiño

Store Manager

Joey joined the team as a part-time salesman in 2014. He left for Southern Oregon University to earn his bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and, once he graduated, he came back to become the store's operational manager. Joey loves helping customers find the perfect furniture for their home, and will put in the extra effort necessary to make sure they loved their store experience. His favorite book is Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

Patrick Seeley

Consignment Manager

Patrick has been a part of our store before it was even called What's New? Furniture, joining the previous owners over seven years ago. His extensive knowledge and passion for vintage furniture keeps our consigned inventory top notch and fairly priced, and he loves working with every consignor, often building relationships that keep them coming back. He loves “grillin’ it up” in his spare time... which means barbecuing at his house with his friends. Patrick is a self-proclaimed “Portland Historian”.

Mark Springer

Store Designer

Mark came to What's New? when moving to Oregon over four years ago. He is currently going to school at Portland Community College to pursue his degree in interior design. Prior to attending PCC, Mark took classes at Heritage School of Design and received formal certifications for interior design. Mark’s favorite part of working at the store is using his design talents to create lasting relationships, as he’s a strong believer that happiness starts in the home. In Mark’s spare time, he does trapeze and aerial acrobatics.
lissa lissa

Lissa Walton

Visual Merchandiser

Lissa joined our team in 2017, but she's been involved in the furniture industry for over fifteen years, ranging from manufacturing to design work, and her influence can be seen all through the store. Her eye for space and decoration gives our store floor a unique and fun look, all while keeping up with inventory that changes daily! When not at work, Lissa loves to go camping with her family and hanging out with her French Bulldog.

Jordan Wallace

Web Designer

Jordan is the most recent addition to our team. He's been helping his family's business for six years while going to Portland State and working at Gamestop, but recently he's decided to join us full time! You can see his artistic personality and influence all over the site, where he edits and updates all of our homemade consignment images. Jordan loves to spend time with his dog, Brutus, and in school, he wrote a play and enjoyed acting in several productions.

Family owned & run, locally supported, and we bake cookies every weekend!

For over a decade, we’ve taken pride in offering premium, locally made, customizable sofas at a fair price, as well as being home to some of the coolest, most unique consigned pieces in town.

We carry authentic mid-century pieces, antiques, contemporary & modern designs, local artwork, niche pieces and so much more!

Located in historic Southeast Portland, we’re on the corner of Grand & Stark.

We love meeting new people from our community, whether you’re wanting to consign your furniture to make some money, on the hunt for the perfect new addition to your home or just stopping by because you’re in the area.