How To Style Your Table For Thanksgiving

How To Style Your Table For Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, we're eager to help you style your Thanksgiving table in three captivating styles: Neutral Modern Fun, Elegance Nature-Inspired Decor, and Whimsical Colorful. Each style brings a unique twist to your holiday celebration, with the spotlight on some of our holiday decor pieces.

Neutral Modern Fun Style: For a touch of contemporary playfulness, the Neutral Modern Fun style is your go-to. Start with a clean, modern canvas featuring a neutral color palette of whites, grays, and muted tones. Elevate your table setting with elegant tableware, defined by simple, modern lines. But the fun doesn't end there; you can complement this style with our charming 12-piece pumpkin set, a whimsical nod to the season. These adorable pumpkins come in a variety of sizes, adding a playful touch to your Neutral Modern Fun Thanksgiving table.

Elegance Nature-Inspired Decor Style: Embrace the beauty of nature with the Elegance Nature-Inspired Decor style. Craft a Thanksgiving table that radiates rustic charm, with a color palette inspired by the great outdoors. Earthy greens, browns, and muted tones provide the backdrop for this style. Instead of a traditional table runner, we propose a unique centerpiece: the elegant black candle holder from Home Reflections. This piece brings a touch of sophistication to your Nature-Inspired Decor table, adding depth to your organic ambiance.

Whimsical Colorful Style: For those who seek whimsy and a vibrant burst of colors, the Whimsical Colorful style is a joyful choice. Create a Thanksgiving table that bursts with delightful pops of colors and eccentric charm. As part of this whimsical style, consider incorporating the playful pampas grass arrangements, taking the place of a traditional table runner. These wild and colorful pampas grass arrangements add a touch of enchantment to your setting.

And to infuse even more whimsy and enchantment, picture our delightful wisteria candle holders. These whimsical candle holders bring a touch of magic to your tabletop, with their imaginative and colorful shapes. Shaped like your favorite animals or playful characters, they are guaranteed to spark joy and create a memorable Thanksgiving atmosphere.

With these styles and unique pieces from What's New Furniture, your Thanksgiving celebration will be an enchanting and unforgettable experience, blending modern playfulness, nature's elegance, and vibrant whimsy into your holiday feast.

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