Newest Consignment Items and How We Would Style Them

Newest Consignment Items and How We Would Style Them

At What's New Furniture, we take pride in curating a unique blend of consignment treasures that breathe life into your space. In this blog post, we're excited to introduce you to our latest finds and offer insights into how we'd style them. Let's dive right into our first showcase!

Our Consigned Grey Office Chair is a prime example of how elegance meets functionality. With its contemporary design and comfortable seating, it's the perfect addition to your home office or workspace. But, of course, it's not just about functionality; it's about style too.

Pairing Example - Pair this modern grey office chair with our Atelier Writing Desk, another gem from our New Collection. The clean lines of the desk beautifully complement the chair's sleek design. Add a touch of nature with some pampas grass, which you can conveniently find in our store. Its soft, neutral hues will create a calming ambiance.

Our Atelier Writing Desk is a statement piece in itself. Crafted with fine details and a wood finish that exudes warmth, it's a canvas waiting for your creativity.

Adorn the Atelier Writing Desk with a minimalist yet captivating art, such as our Composition piece. The desk's understated design allows the art to shine, creating an inspiring corner for your work or creative endeavors. Art has the power to transform any space, and our Composition Art Piece is a testament to that. With its harmonious blend of colors and shapes, it's a visual delight.

We believe that styling your space is an art form, and our consignment treasures are the perfect starting points for your creative journey. These items, along with many others, are available on our website. Visit us in-store to explore our extensive collection, including beautiful rugs like the one featured in the images.

Stay tuned for more styling tips and featured items as we continue to bring you the best in consignment and new furniture. Your home, your style, with What's New Furniture


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